Size: 40g


EAC Animal Care In-Sideout Pet Formula Pre-Probiotics

Inside Out is a nutraceutical blend of natural holistic ingredients including pre and probiotics that is specifically designed for your Canine, Feline or Small Animal pets.
Your animals digestive system comprises up to 70% of an Animal's Immune System so when something isn't quite right the stresses can trigger negative reactions to different parts of their body.
In-Sideout helps your animal cope with these stresses more efficiently, allowing their bodies to heal.
Customers that have tried samples with their Dogs have seen improvements in digestion, hot spot outbreaks and staining on Dogs. But remember this product is suitable for your Cats and other Small Animals, plus EAC also have an Equine range!
In-Sideout helps to:
- Support a balanced immune system
- Supports healthy skin and coat
- Optimises intestinal health
- Helps improve lawn burn
- Improves stool quality
- Helps reduce bad breath
- Helps reduce faeces and urine smell
- Optimal digestion nutrients

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