Pro Plan Healthy Growth & Development Large Puppy 15kg

In the short term, PRO PLAN Puppy 2.5kg & 15kg formula will not contain colostrum.

PRO PLAN? Healthy Growth and Development Large Puppy is a complete and balanced dry puppy food for large breed puppies. Your large breed puppy is full of fun and energy, and has their own nutritional needs so give them a food that is specially formulated just for them.
Healthy Growth and Development Large Puppy contains colostrum proven to help strengthen a puppy?s natural defences to combat daily challenges.
Formulated with all of the essential key nutrients that large puppies need including colostrum, which helps protect your puppy from common intestinal upsets and combination of key nutrients that help to support healthy joints for your puppy?s active lifestyle. The nutrients in this dry dog food have been specifically adjusted for his size and age.
This dry puppy food is also suitable for gestating or lactating bitches.

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