Snooza Sudz Budz 6 Pack

Snooza love anything multi-purpose, the more things you can do with something the better! Snooza Sudz Budz are the felted wool balls that do it all (well perhaps not all... but they do a fair bit and they're environmentally friendly!). Sudz Budz are the perfect washing & drying accessory for your pet's laundry - and they can also be used as a toy (under supervision of course)! Perfect for aerating and reviving lofty products such as pet bedding, cushions, pillows and other soft filled items.
Each pack of Sudz Budz contains 6 felted wool balls.
They are chemical-free, hypoallergenic, compostable, biodegradable are a natural fabric softener and can help reduce drying time when using a dryer.
Toss 4 - 6 Sudz Budz in the wash with your pet's bed covers to help gently remove ingrained dirt & hair and then pop them in the dryer to realise the natural fabric softening action and hair attracting qualities of the felted balls.
8cm Diameter

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