Size: Baby


Ocean Free Bio-Foam Filter
Air Stone Included

Suitable for Discus, Small Tropical Fish, Bettas or Fry Tanks.
Multi-layered to give the best possible filtration and yet gentle enough not to create too much turbulence.
Bio-Foam Sponge can be removed, rinsed and re-used.
To be used in conjuction with an air pump connection for best results.

Baby / BF-Baby : Tanks up to 40 Litres
Small / BF-1 : Tanks up to 100 Litres
Medium / BF-2 : Tanks up to 200 Litres
Large / BF-4 : Tanks up to 380 Litres
Jumbo / BF-JuniorJumbo : Tanks up to 680 Litres

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