Hikari Floating Turtle Sticks

A Scientifically Formulated Daily Diet For Aquatic Turtles Offering A Tasty Nutrient Mix Turtles Love.
Contains three distinctly colored sticks each with different indispensable nutrients your aquatic turtle desires:
- Yellow Stick - Staple Nutrition Stick contains the highest quality proteins, minerals and multi-vitamins to promote proper growth and peak condition.
- Green Stick - Calcium Enhanced Stick supports shell development and structure while reducing the chances of calcium deficiency.
- Red Stick - Conditioning Stick contains Chitosan extracted from crustaceans to support metabolism, immune system health and skin resiliency.
Easily digested thereby reducing potential water quality problems and odor that can result from uneaten or partially digested food.
Quickly absorbs water and softens rapidly while retaining its original shape. Will not cloud your turtle's water when fed the appropriate amount.

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