Size: 118ml


API Algaefix

Algaefix controls many types of Algae and green water algal bloom in Freshwater Aquariums containing live plants and fish.
1ml of Algaefix per 40 Litres of Aquarium water or 5ml per 200 Litre.
Repeat dose every 3 days until Algae is controlled - siphon or scrape any dead algae out of the Aquarium.
Once the Algae is under control treat once every 5 days, weekly doses of Algaefix will control Algae growth and reduce maintenance.

Do NOT use in Aquariums containing fish for human consumption.
Do NOT use Algaefix with Crustaceans, including Crabs, Shrimp, Freshwater Shrimp, and Freshwater Lobsters.

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