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Aqua One Canister Filter Nautilus

Quiet, energy efficient and powerful, the Nautilus Canister Filters feature easy to use technology with a Quick Release Tap System to ensure fast, easy and mess free maintenance. The built in primer in the Nautilus primes the filter literally at the push of a button. The modular design enables additional filtration media to be added so that you can customise your filter to suit your requirements. Biological and mechanical filter media are included in the models.
Maintenance is a breeze with the Quick Release Tap System! Simply push the lever down to disconnect the taps and you are ready to start your maintenance without any mess or spillages.
Sophisticated biological and mechanical filtration system - a selection of wool, sponges, bio balls and filter media is included, giving you the perfect set up straight away!
Superior motor design provides silent and energy efficient operation.

Nautilus 600: 60-150L Aquarium Volume / 600 Litres per Hour / 12.5W
Nautilus 800: 100-200L Aquarium Volume / 800 Litres per Hour / 12.5W
Nautilus 1100: 200-300L Aquarium Volume / 1100 Litres per Hour / 22W
Nautilus 1400: 300-400L Aquarium Volume / 1400 Litres per Hour / 22W
Nautilus 2700: 400-700L Aquarium Volume / 2700 Litres per Hour / 32W

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