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Aqua One Aquatica 160 Aquarium Set
90 x 40 x 55/80cm - 160 Litre Tank Capacity

- Call to order, in store collection only.

Complete Aquarium set includes Filter, 200W Heater, 37W LED Light and Stand.
Aqua One Aquatica is simple, stylish economical with a contemporary design. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fish keeper, the Aquatica will be a great addition to any home or office!
Integrated internal filtration system, eliminating unsightly piping running from outside of the tank.
The weir takes water in at various levels for improved filtration.
LED lighting provides brighter, clearer and more energy efficient lighting.
Double light switch located on a single cable with options for white or blue lighting
Media boxes in the filter allow for flexible media arrangements.

Replacement carts for the filter:
- 54120-C Cartridge Body Only - Aquatica 160/240
- 25174S Sponge 15ppi 1pk 174s - Aquatica 160/240
- 25175S Sponge 35ppi 1pk 175s - Aquatica 160/240

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