BARF Original Kangaroo Recipe for Cats 1.38kg

12 x 115g individual frozen patties.
97% Animal derived ingredients, 3% Vegetables, Fruits and Botanicals, 0% Grains.
Suitable for all life stages.
Kangaroo is the only truly ‘wild’ meat available on a large scale in Australia; completely free range.
Doctor B’s Kangaroo Recipe BARF is low in fat and high in protein. This makes it a good choice for cats with pancreatitis or obesity, or other conditions requiring a low fat diet. It is complete and balanced for all life stages of cats, but being low in fat makes it less suitable as the sole diet for a growing kitten, a pregnant or lactating queen or highly active outdoor cat, but it can be fed to these animals in rotation with Doctor B’s Turkey Recipe BARF.
Good for:
- Less active or overweight animals.
- Animals requiring a low fat diet.
Not so good for:
- Growing kittens.
- Pregnant or lactating females.

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