BARF Original Lamb Recipe for Dogs 2.72kg

12 x 227g Patties individually frozen.
Suitable for all life stages.
90% Animal derived ingredients, 10% Vegetables, Fruits and Botanicals, 0% Grains.
Australian lamb is pasture raised.
In terms of being either a red or white meat, it is very much a ‘fence-sitter. This means Doctor B’s Lamb Recipe BARF is a good choice in most situations; it is an excellent ‘all-rounder.’
It is complete and balanced for all life stages and is high in energy. It has high levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid together with an excellent balance of Omega 6:3 Essential Fatty acids. This combination has excellent anti-inflammatory properties for degenerative conditions.
Good for:
- All life stages, especially active dogs, growing small breed pups and lactating females
underweight animals
Not so good for:
- Dogs requiring a low fat diet e.g. chronic pancreatitis or restricted calorie diet e.g. for weight loss

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