Black Hawk Dog Beef Jerky Straps 100g

When it comes to your best friend, we know that Every Ingredient Matters, even at treat time.
Black Hawk?s new premium jerky treats have been crafted with the health and vitality of your dog at heart. Made from responsibly sourced, human-grade local ingredients in regional Australia, they deliver nature?s goodness from the paddock to your best friend.

Fresh from the farm, prime meats are hand-selected, cut and slowly oven-dried to lock in nutrients and flavour, so you can feel confident you?re giving your dog a tasty treat that?s packed with nature?s goodness.

From the paddock to your best friend.
- Made in regional Australia
- From human-grade prime cuts of meats
- 100% Australian beef
- Responsibly sourced
- Grain Free

Just like premium Jerky for humans, Black Hawk Jerky Treats for dogs, once opened, need to be stored in the refrigerator to maintain quality, taste and freshness and consumed within ten days.

Black Hawk Beef Jerky Straps are approximately 80mm long and 15mm wide. The result is a high-quality treat ideal for medium to large dogs over 12 months of age.

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