Blue Planet Aquarium Algae Control Blocks 20g

Effectively controls most algae common to Freshwater Fish Aquariums.
It kills growing algae and prevents algae from recurring.
One square block per 20 Litres or 6 squares per 120 Litres.
The Algae Control Block will dissolve over 7-14 days depending on your water conditions and the flow from the filter.
This block is best used as a preventative or when algae first appears or after cleaning an algae infested tank.
Reducing your Aquariums Light (6 hours) will help reduce the amount of algae and reducing the amount of food when you feed your fish - to much lighting and/or food often cause most algae problems.

To calculate how many litres are in your Aquarium - Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm) and divide by 1000 to find out.

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