Blue Planet Freshwater pH Test Kit

Suits Freshwater Aquariums and Ponds - Tester Only no pH Adjusters in this Kit.
pH plays a vital role in fish health, their colouration and potential breeding.
This kit allows you to understand your Aquarium's pH values, and adjust when necessary.
Fish from different areas thrive under different pH levels.
To ensure a mix of fish can thrive in your Aquarium, we recommend a neutral pH value, shown as green/blue (7.0) on the colour chart.
To correct Acidic water, use pH Up.
To correct Alkaline water, use pH Down.
Avoid extremely Acidic or Alkaline water as this can effect your fish's health.
We recommend monthly water changes of approximately 25% of tank capacity to regulate pH and avoid the accumulation of toxic waste by-products.
Ensure the new water is treated to remove chlorine before adding to the aquarium.

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