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Zees Dog Boots Set of 4 Water Proof

These boots are made with waterproof neoprene and have velcro straps.
Prevents infections on feet and keeps them clean while playing outdoors.
Protects paws from salt/frostbite during the snowy winter season.
Keeps paws safe from hot or course ground, glass, sand, etc.

To measure have your Dog stand on a piece of paper and mark the front and back of the paw.

Please note - If the ground is too hot to walk on for your Dog and is at risk of burning their paws, it is too hot to walk your Dog.

Small - 6 x 5.5cm
Medium - 6.5 x 6.5cm
Large - 8 x 7.5cm
Extra Large - 8.9 x 8.5cm
Extra Extra Large - 10 x 9cm

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