Size: 200g


Dog Rocks

100% Natural & Proven - No More Pet Urine Burns on Grass!
All natural minerals, no chemicals - straight from the Earth.
Dog Rocks is an all natural product of Australia.
When placed in your Dog's Water Bowl they can help stop those nasty burn patches on your own lawn caused by your loving pet taking a pee.
Dog Rocks are a naturally occurring Paramagnetic Igneous Rock.
When placed in your Dog's water bowl Dog Rocks will filter out some of the impurities that turn the grass brown; tin and nitrates.
Your Dog will have a cleaner and healthier source of water.
Dog Rocks do not alter the pH balance of your pet's urine abd are safe for use with all househole pets sharing water bowls.
Replace your Dog Rocks every two months and ensure your Dogs bowl of water is the main source of drinking water.

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