Colour: Beige Woodgrain


Aqua One Dynamic 58 Aquarium Set + Stand

A stylish contemporary Aquarium set including a Filter, LED Light, and Stand.
58 Litre capacity.
Tank 35cm L x 58cm H x 35cm D
Cabinet 35 x 35 x 72cm
Energy Efficient and stylish pendant LED light is height adjustable.
The included light mounting bracket allows you to position the light at the desired height.
Easy maintenance with the removeable glass lid allows easy access for cleaning.
Fully submersible low-profile internal filter provides a combination of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.
Modern cabinet provides ample storage keeping unsightly equipment hidden.
A heater can be added to the aquarium to provide a tropical fish environment (heater purchased separately).
Replacement carts for the filter:
- 25160S - Sponge 15ppi 1pk 160s
- 25001C - Carbon Cartridge 2pk

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