Size: 64cm


EzyDog Leash Cujo Black

Would you like to have a comfortable dog walk without being pulled around by your dog? Looking for the highest quality bungee dog leash in Australia? Then the Cujo is the choice for you. The Cujo was the first EzyDog product and the first ever shock absorbing dog lead. It's still as useful for dog owners today as it was back then.
If you are tired of having to buy a new dog leash every couple of months, rest assured you'll have no such problems with the Cujo Leashes. This bungee dog lead has been engineered to last, using high quality ski rope and a heavy duty snap clip that's been tested to withstand a force of 500kg . Perfect for getting control over a strong dog that pulls on the leash, whilst also saving your shoulders from any added strain.

The Cujo 64cm is built with 15cm of Shock Absorbing Stretch. The tight, short stretch gives you the most comfort and control over the Medium to Large dogs that pull hard!
The Cujo 102cm is built with 30cm of Shock Absorbing Stretch. Slightly less tight and longer stretch gives you the most comfort and control over the hard pulling small dog or the medium and large dogs that do not pull as much.

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