Flappy Fish Tropical

The Flappy Fish Tropical looks and acts likes a real fish, making for an enticing and fun toy to keep your Cat's occupied!
The Flappy Fish changes up its flapping and movement based on your Cats interaction with it - the more your Cat plays and bops it, the more it flops around, and when your Cat is taking a nap so does the Flappy Fish, it only operates with movement. Or you can turn it off on the battery so they don't keep you up at night playing with it.
The Flappy Fish comes with a USB Charger so you can ensure it is always powered up to to keep your Kitty busy. One hour of charging should give you a full battery that’ll last up to five days.
It’s best to introduce your Cat to their new toy slowly and without it on. Let your cat sniff and investigate the toy and have a play without it operating — and for a little more fun try adding catnip!
Once your cat’s familiar with the toy, try turning it on and reinforce their good behaviour with treats. Some cats are braver than others. Take your time with it!
You can remove the cover and filling and wash it in the machine. Please don’t wash the Flappy Fish’s motor or catnip. Similarly to our cat friends, electronics don’t appreciate water.

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