Pet One Cat & Small Animal Grooming Kit

Slicker Brush
- Effectively removes matted fur.
- Regular use promotes sleek, shiny and soft fur.
- Goof for removing knots.
- Great for heavy shedding animals.
- NOT recommended for short coat animals.
Flea Comb
- Removes Fleas, Flea Eggs and Flea dirt.
- Use the Slicker Brush to remove any knots or matted fur and the bristle brush to smooth.
- Have warm soapy water on the side to dip the Flea Comb into between strokes.
Bristle Brush
- Extra soft and gentle bristles.
- Promotes smooth and healthy coat.
- Removes lightly tangle fur.
- Stimulates and massages skin.
- Natural oils repel excess dirt, Pet Onés Bristle Brush spreads natural oils throughout your animal's coat.
Nail Cutter
- Keeps nails short and maintained with weekly use.
- Ensure to only cut before the Animal's Quick (nail blood vessel).

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