Aqua One Horizon 130 Aquarium Kit & Stand
Tank 92cm W x 37cm D x 46cm H
Stand 92cm W x 37cm D x 72cm H

Aqua One Horizon Starter Kits make a beautiful addition to any room. The Horizon Starter Kits include a hang on filter, heater and lighting to bring out the vibrant colours of your fish.
The kits also include an easy to assemble stand which offers two handy shelves designed to take up minimal space.
130 Litre Tank Capacity.
Lighting is provided by bright, energy-efficient LED white lighting.
Water quality and clarity are maintained by the hang-on filter. The combination of wool, carbon and bio grid provides a complete and very compact filtration solution.
A fitted glass lid is also provided to help reduce water evaporation and ensure a secure environment for your fish.
Replacement carts for the filter:
- 25056C - Carbon Cartridge - HF400 Hang On Filter 2/pk

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