Size: Small


Huskimo Freedom Muzzle Specialist

Freedom for your and your Dog!
- Quick fitting and adjustable
- Soft & durable silicon
- Neoprene for Chafing Protection
- Freedom to Pant, Drink and Eat whilst wearing

Extra Small - 18-21cm Snout Circumference & 7.5cm length of Muzzle
Small - 21-26cm Snout Circumference & 9cm length of Muzzle
Medium - 26-30cm Snout Circumference & 10.5cm length of Muzzle
Large - 30-34cm Snout Circumference & 11cm length of Muzzle
Extra Large - 34-37cm Snout Circumference & 12cm length of Muzzle
Extra Extra Large - 38-43cm Snout Circumference & 14.5cm length of Muzzle

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