Size: Extra Small


Kazoo Comfy Vet Collar Padded
For a Proper Fit ensure the Animal's snout does not go out past the rim of the cone.

The Comfy Collar is designed to keep your Pet comfortable, whilst protecting them from irritating injuries, rashes or post-surgery wounds.
Made from a super comfy bendable foam it moves with your pet without making them uncomfortable.
Easy to secure with velcro fastenings it also has loops to attach to your Pet's collar securing it further.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well as being machine washable.

Extra Small - 9cm Depth, 18-22cm Neck (Suitable for Cats)
Small - 12.5cm Depth, 20-25cm Neck
Medium - 14cm Depth, 25-31cm Neck
Large - 19cm Depth, 31-39cm Neck
Extra Large - 23.5cm Depth, 42-56cm Neck
Extra Extra Large - 30.5cm Depth, 54-67cm Neck

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