Kitten Pack

Get yourself prepared with this standard Kitten Pack! Want something else check out what else we have available.

1 x 1.5kg Black Hawk Kitten Kibble Chicken & Rice
1 x 85g ProPlan Kitten Sachet - Chicken in Jelly
1 X 85g ProPlan Kitten Sachet - Salmon in Gravy
2 x Cattitude Melamine Saucer Fresco
1 x Mouse Ball Cat Toy
1 x Beco Pets Eco Friendly Catnip Wand - Butterfly
1 x PooWee Litter Tray 42x31cm - Colours may vary
1 x PooWee Litter Scoop - Colours may vary
1 x 2.1kg Cat's Best Original Plant Fibre Clumping Kitty Litter
1 x Kit Cat Sprinkles Deodorising Litter Beads - Green Apple

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