Colour: Turquoise


LickiMat Splash Wall & Floor Suction Bowl

Make Bathtime a Stress-Free Time!
Perfect for grooming or a bath, the LickiMat Splash sticks to any smooth surface (e.g. tiles, glass).
Reduce your Pets anxiety and boredom whilst keeping them entertained for ages.
Spread your Dog's favourite treat (e.g. cream cheese, doggy peanut butter) on the Splash. Make sure to cover the whole surface. Push firmly onto any smooth surface at a comfortbale level for your Dog.
TIP - for a stronger suction hold, wet with just water, the area where the suction cap will stick.
To release gently lift tags on side of suction cap.
Non-toxic, microwave proof, freezer-friendly, dishwasher safe.

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