Marina Slim S10 Power Filter

Up to 40 Litre capacity, 18cmL x 5cmW.
With a compact design and slim profile the versatile motor design is submersed to operate quietly, and requires no priming.
The motor adjusts in height to adapt to water levels and a strainer sponge protects small or baby fish from being drawn into the filter.
Bio-Guard Filtration is designed to optimize and maintain biological filtration.
Each Slim Filter is equipped with 2, 3, or 4 filter cartridges.
By alternating cartridge replacement, the Bio-Guard system ensures rapid cartridge seeding of beneficial bacteria, ensuring proper biological filtration for a clean and healthy aquarium.
For best results replace 1 cartridge every 2 to 3 weeks.
Included - 1 x Filter, 1 x Bio-Clear, 1 x Bio-Carb.

Bio-Carb Replacement Filter Cartridges are best suited for Tropical Fish - includes carbon to remove pollutants and odours. Sold Seperately in 3 Packs.
Bio-Clear Replacement Filter Cartridges are best suited for Cold Water Fish - includes zeolite to absorb toxic ammonia and reduce fish stress. Sold Seperately in 3 Packs.

Other sizes available: S15 and S20.

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