Passwell Cosy Heat Pad 10W

Provides warmth for sick, young or debilitated Animals.
Works by gradually heating up the area under where the animal sits.
Note that is the pad surface is exposed to open air then it may not feel warm to touch.
The heater produces a temperature on the pad surface of about 15-20*C above room temperature.

When room temperature is LESS than 10*C Animals should be as close as practicable to the pad surface.
When room temperature EXCEEDS 10*C Animals should be insulated from the pad surface with a blanket or towel. The thickness of insulation required will depend on the room temperature and should be adjusted so that the animal is comfortable.
Monitor the temperature where animal rests with a Thermometer. It should be from 20-35*C, depending on type and age of animal.
Seek Veterinary advice if unsure.
Australian Made and Owned.

260mm x 360mm

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