Pet One Egg Incubator creates the ideal environment for incubating your very own hatchlings at home. A fully integrated system for monitoring conditions for your hatchlings.

Features & Benefits:
-Adjustable trays cater for different sized eggs
-Two fans provide plenty of air circulation to keep the temperature even
-Automatic egg turning at 90 degrees with a programmable time to stimulate natural movement
-Candling light enables the user to check on the contents of the eggs
-Inbuilt alarm will sound when the temperature or humidity deviates outside of the set parameters
-Digital display allows for accurate 24/7 monitoring
-Logbook assists in monitoring the incubator and the eggs
-Suitable for poultry eggs from hens, ducks, turkeys and quail
Suitable for: Poultry

Available in:
-55752 Egg Incubator EI-36 36 Egg Capacity 240V 50hz

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