Dermcare Pyohex Medicated Shampoo 250ml

Dermcare Pyohex Medicated Shampoo is a topical antibacterial shampoo containing 3% Chlorhexidine Gluconate. It is an aid in the treatment of superficial bacterial skin infections in dogs.
Underlying causes for secondary bacterial infections can include:
- Allergy - pollen, grass, food (protein), fleas
- Hormonal or endocrine diseases
- Parasitic infestations such as fleas, mites or lice.
Bacterial skin infections in dogs can have a wide variety of symptoms or appearances.
Common appearances of bacterial infections include:
- Pustules
- Circular rings of scale or redness (epidermal collarettes)
- Inflamed and exudative areas of skin commonly referred to as hotspots
Chlorhexidine gluconate, the active ingredient in Pyohex shampoo and conditioner, has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity against most bacteria that are commonly found in cases of superficial bacterial dermatitis. Studies show that the antibacterial activity of chlorhexidine gluconate is optimised at 3%, which is the concentration found in both Pyohex shampoo and conditioner.
During periods of active infection the shampoo and conditioner should be used twice per week. Once the infection has resolved, bathing once per week or fortnight is often enough to prevent recurrences. The time of year may influence the frequency of bathing. For example, during Spring and Summer, dogs who suffer from seasonal allergies and secondary skin infections may require more frequent bathing than other times of the year.

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