Snooza Big Dog Bed Junior Black

Snooza use a combination of two foams for their Junior Big Dog Bed. Just like their bigger size Big Dog Bed, Memory foam tops the thick inner of the bed while the bottom is what's termed 'load bearing' foam.
It's there to support the dog's weight & is absolutely necessary for the memory foam to have the desired effect.
It really needs to be felt to be believed but the memory foam moulds beautifully to the contours of a dog's body ensuring all over, even support.
Its low impact, dampening effect makes it ideal for older dogs, big or heavy dogs & dogs with joint problems. Snooza has specifically designed the ripstop cover with as few seams as possible to maximise its water resistance in case of incontinence. The wrap-around zip makes the fully washable cover so easy to get on & off!

65cmL x 88cmW x 19cmH

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