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Snooza Calming Multimat Silver Fox

Australian Made Calming Mulitmat is the perfect all-round versatile Mat.
Featuring the same material as Snoozas Calming Cuddler beds the Calming Multimat® was designed to snuggly fit all popular crate sizes.
Using some of the same principles as the cuddler, the texture of the soft long pile faux fur helps to calm pets allowing them to snuggle into the fibres - perfect to help anxious pets. It's a fantastic go-anywhere multi-purpose mat - it makes a super floor mat, crate mat, puppy training mat, in the car or on holiday.
Made in Melbourne, thick wadding is encased in the long pile plush and then notched to keep it in place. Snooza have added velcro tabs at each corner to fit all Snooza Raised Bed (to stop it sliding around), and because it's a 'ridgy-didge' Australian Made Snooza Multimat® it is fully machine washable.

If you're looking to use your Calming Multimat on one of Snoozas raised beds, the sizes are one size down i.e. a medium size Multimat will fit a Small size Original Dog Bed, Fleaproofer or Flea-Free Dog Bed, a large-size Multimat will fit a medium raised bed etc.
Please note: The sizing on our multimats varies between the Choc/Sand Polar Fleece Multimat & the Chinchilla and Calming Multimats. The Chinchilla & Calming Multimats are designed to fit the most popular crate sizes as well as our raised beds.

Small - 61cmL x 43cmW / Fits Crate Sized 24"
Medium - 78cmL x 52cmW / Fits Snooza Raised Bed Small / Crate Sized 30"
Large - 91cmL x 60cmW / Fits Snooza Raised Bed Medium / Crate Sized 36"
Extra Large - 109cmL x 72cmW / Fits Snooza Raised Bed Large / Crate Sized 42"
Extra Extra Large - 122cmL x 76cmW / Fits Snooza Raised Bed Extra Large / Crate Sized 48"

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