Size: Medium


Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

This Dog Toy is great for keeping strong chewers occupied and helps prevent destructive, boredom behaviours.
You can stuff kibble and treats inside, the noise will intrigue them and as the treats fall out keep them focused on play.
This ball is great for fetch, will bounce in all directions and float in water!
Stronger than rubber and designed for chewers - free of latex, vinyl and phthlates.
The treat ball system encourages them to play whilst reducing anxiety and boredom, plus it helps clean their teeth.
Turn mealtime into playtime for Dogs that like to scoff their food too quickly, this ensures they slow down and don't become sick.

Medium - Dogs up to 6.8kg
Medium/Large - Dogs 6.8-18.14kg
Large - Dogs over 18.14kg

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