Thunder Shirt Blue Polo XXL

XXL - 37" up to 50", weighing over 110 Pounds.
The Best Solution for Dog Anxiety!
Great for:
- Fear of Thunder
- Barking Problems
- General Training Tool
- Any Noise Anxiety
- Seperation Anxiety
- Car or Travel Anxiety
- Any excitability
- Crate Anxiety
- Reactivity
- General Fearfulness
- Leash Pulling
- And much more!
A safe, easy to use, effective, drug-free solution for your Dog's anxiety.
Thunder Shirt's Patent-Pending design applies gentle, constant pressure on a Dog's torso, and this pressue has an amazing calming effect for most Dogs.
Use for symptoms including: panting, shaking, drooling, barking, whining, hiding, scratching, licking, bolting, eliminating indoors, seizures and more.

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