Vetafarm Ectotherm Lizard Food 350g

Vet Formulated diet for Blue-Tongues, Shinglebacks, Monitors, Skinks and Dragons.
Real meat, muttonbird oil, chicory root and a balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio.
Uniquely extruded unlocking the natural flavours, improves digestibility and food safety.
Ectotherm Lizard Food should be made readily available to Lizards at all times, making up at least 80% of the total diet to ensure nutritional balance.
Depending on your species of Lizard, Fruits, Vegetables, Insects or Small Vertebrates should also be made available to provide dietary enrichment and variety.
If using Ectotherm Lizard Food as a dietary supplement (less than 80% of total diet) a calcium, vitamin and mineral supplement should be added to the diet.
Nutrition inspired by nature, formulated by Vets and nutritionists.

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